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Book Cover: El Universo Book Cover: El Universo

Title: The Universe

Author: Various

Publisher: Larousse

Year: 1997

ISBN: 84-8016-704-1

Suggested reader’s academic level: Junior High School

This book includes many color photos, drawings and diagrams that are accompanied with a plethora of information about the universe and famous astronomers. The book is divided into four parts: observation of the sky, the Solar System, stars and galaxies, and the exploration of space.

The Universe


This book includes many photos, drawings and diagrams in color that are accompanied by information on the universe and famous astronomers. This book contains 95 pages that demonstrate the full picture of our universe. The book is divided into four parts: observation of the sky, the solar system, stars and galaxies. and space exploration. Each part starts with a simple summary that introduces the different chapters and their content. The book describes in a simple way, how to understand the stars, the galaxies, the lives of satellites, the repairs to the Hubble telescope, and space launchers.


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